PE «Oleksiyovskiy Food Factory» is the largest manufacturer of briquetted production in Ukraine. Having our own storehouses and a modern production complex, we execute any orders in shortest terms possible, giving herewith a guaranty of high-quality production.

20 years at the market

Our regular partners are found in different places of Ukraine, CIS, countries of the EU and
in North America.

More than 100 production items

We manufacture instant kissels (desserts), demanding cooking and instant soups, spices
and flavorings, dry mixtures for jelly cooking, creams etc. We also manufacture production on Private Label.

Own production base

The base of the enterprise consists of the modern equipment fleet and highly qualified specialists,
which allows to meet challenges of any complicacy.

100% reliability of production

In our company the system of security management of production is introduced and functions successfully, which is international standard ISO 22000 certified.

Calories 100g: 353 kcal
Output: 8x200g

Kissels in briquettes 250g

Very tasty and aromatic.

Potato starch is used as thickener.
More than 20 sorts

Calories 100g: 353 kcal
Output: 8x200g

Instant kissels in packets 90g

Very tasty and aromatic.

Potato starch is used as thickener.
More than 20 sorts

Calories 100g: 342 kcal
Output: 5x300g

Soups in briquettes 200g, 160g

Ready ingredients mixture for hot dishes made of
prepared cereals, dried vegetables and herbs, spices
and flavor additives.

It’s easy to cook – within 15 minutes

Calories 100g: 319 kcal
Output: 1x200g

Instant soups in packets 22g

At home and at work, on the road and in the countryside… Always and everywhere. Hot, tasty, nutritious lunch within 2 minutes!

On the basis of natural cereals, without thickeners.

Flavoring in packets 30g

What would you like?

Pork chop with mustard and garlic, chicken with
curcuma or fish with nutmeg and ginger?
Your ordinary home recipes will get more
varied and delicious with our flavorings!

Without additives and taste boosters!

Calories 100g: 386 kcal
Output: 3x150g

Jelly in packets 90g

It’s a dessert to decorate any holiday – from your
child’s birthday to a pool-party! It’s a real taste and
color bang!Beef gelatin is used as gelatinizing agent.